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A consultation allows us to learn more about each other.  We will ask you questions about your family to get to know the personalities we will meet.  Do you have a fashionista?  Is someone shy?  Is there a wild child in the group?  Who is going to be our biggest ally and who will be a most awesome challenge?  We’ll want to know why you’re having portraits taken now and how you plan to display your portrait art in your home.  Getting to know your family dynamics will help us to create pieces that perfectly represent your crew.

In turn, we will answer questions about how to prepare for your session, what sort of clothing will be best, whether to bring props or pets (um, always “YES!”).  And, of course, we will answer all your questions about the investment you’ll be making.


We’ll get to know one another through a simple phone call or an in-person meeting, either way, together we’ll plan for success!

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