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Portrait art is the expression of an artist as they use their skill and creativity to render a likeliness of their subject in a way that portrays the personality, mood and character of the subject.  The final art pieces tell a story and often elicit an emotional response from the observer.  Historically, only very wealthy families were able to commission such pieces.  Today, we are fortunate that many families are able to adorn the walls of their homes with imagery that warms their hearts and celebrates their family. 

Our mission at Lucozzi Portraits is to provide a warm, inviting, fun portrait experience; to use our craft to create beautiful and meaningful portrait art reflecting the personality and character of our clients; to produce for you, our client, the finest quality art pieces that showcase your family and tell your story; to grow our business through social responsibility and giving back to the community.

Meet the Artists
G and G BW.jpg

Portrait compliments of Pete Rezac.

Gail Lucozzi

Gail discovered photography when she enrolled in an elective course in high school but she never thought it would become such an important part of her life.  After graduation she put the camera aside and headed off to Bentley College to study Accounting but changed her major after the first year to focus on Behavioral Sciences.  When she met George, her interest in photography was rekindled.  Despite this, she resisted picking up a camera again-she didn't want to be "that girl".  You know, the one that just does what her boyfriend likes to do?  Instead she'd direct George to shots she thought he should take.  George always captured fabulous imagery, but he didn't capture things the way Gail envisioned them.  In the days of film, that meant that by the time the film was developed, the moment was lost.  Frustrated with Gail's constant questioning and directions, and subsequent disapproval, George finally pushed his camera at her and said, "Here, you take it!"  That was it. From then on George and Gail have passed a camera (many actually) between them and have been engaging in friendly competition ever since. 


Giving back and helping others has always been a core value for Gail and she is a strong believer in the transformative power of education.  Outside of Lucozzi Portraits, Gail completed her Master's in Higher Education at Merrimack College in 2016 and continues to work at the local community college to help struggling students find academic success.

George Lucozzi

George is a Boston native with an adventurous spirit and a love of the arts.  Influence by his mother’s passion for the arts and armed with his father’s old camera, his path was set.  Recognizing his passion for photography, his father bought him his first camera at 16 and sent him off on a trip with his grandfather to visit the family farm in Italy.  Thirty rolls of film later, he was hooked.  

While working as a molding technician in a manufacturing plant, George completed an Associate’s degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering and then began working on his Bachelor’s in Plastics Engineering but it was his passion for photography that ultimately won him over.  He left school and continued working fulltime days in manufacturing while completing night classes at New England School of Photography in Boston.

Originally a film photographer, some of his earliest work documented his love of the New England region through stock photography.  His clients expanded to included Universal Studios, On-Star, the Washington Post and Bostonian Magazine, however it was his first publication in Cape Cod Life that inspired him to start his ASA Photographic in 1996.  He continued with stock work, expanded to weddings and a photographed a limited number of theater productions.  The technological revolution of converting to digital in 2001, empowered him to make theater photography his unique niche.  Today, ASA Photographic remains the prominent theater photography company in Massachusetts.

20181123-181320 (1).jpg

The Lucozzi Family


George and Gail received the National Award from the Professional Photographers of America in 2019 for their dedication to and service to the field of photography.

The Duo

In 2006, with mounting requests from their theater clients, Gail and George added portrait work to ASA’s repertoire and began photographing on-location high school senior portraits.  In 2008, they established a studio location for the business in the historic Faulkner Mill of North Billerica, then, in 2014, George left his fulltime job and began focusing fully on the business.  

Two years later, inspired by their own love of family and recognizing the power of displayed portraits, George and Gail began a new brand, Lucozzi Portraits.  In this brand, they are committed to offering a luxury portrait experience and are focused on creating heirloom quality wall art displays for their clients.

On a more personal note, the first time George and Gail met in the summer of 1993, he immediately started handing all his paychecks over to her. She was his bank teller!  After an initial 2 hour phone call and before even going out on their first date, Gail told her roommate, “I’m going to marry him.” 

Gail and George were married in 2000 and their family is everything to them.  They have two teenage boys and love watching them play basketball, run track and most of all, play lacrosse.  As a family they enjoy being out in nature whether it be camping, hiking or fishing and they believe very much in giving back to the community.  They volunteer photographing theater and sports in town, donate to non-profits to help them fundraise and have served on the board of the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts for nine years.  

Meet the Artists
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